M&A Litigation Reports

Litisnet M&A Litigation Reports

Understanding litigation liabilities in the Latin-American region with Litisnet.

Obtain a litigation report with a quick overview analysis of the accurate information of the litigation liability before acquiring or making critical decisions.

Our M&A litigation reports in a wide range of industries and countries are an essential reading for any senior executive planning to undertake a transaction.

They are based on electronic information that we collect and analyze to build a report. The litigation reports provide detailed analysis of the key regional litigation liabilities of a company, including the total number of cases and value of those in economic terms. By type of cases and per country.

They also assess the impact of current economic litigation conditions of a company. An objective report with the number of cases order by type of claim, and the amount of money involved in each case.

Litisnet.com combines electronic information with expertise analyses that answers the primary and basis questions for understanding litigation liabilities.

Reports types

We provide two types of reports:

  1. Type 1: Basic: A resume report that gives you an idea of the number of cases a company has and the type of claims.
  2. Type 2: Detailed: A more detailed report that lists the entire number of cases we found, the type of cases, and the amount of money involved in each case. Or the cases are individually listed with a final conclusion.

Example Type1:



Examples type 2: