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Up-to-date Latin American court records information service.

Have Access and search millons of court dockets and dockuments of Latam. offers time and cost-saving solutions, providing legal professionals with the most up-to-date cases information service of Latin America.

A database to search for millions of cases and have access to the history of the file.

Because most of the Latin American cases are not publish on the court websites, creates the first Latin-American litigation network, an online information service that provides an easy and reliable way to access to courts dockets of your Latin-Americans cases, in digital form, as if you were physically present in the courtroom.

This solution can simplify case management and streamline your litigation workflow.


Litisnet Single Search: a single search by text of million court dockets and documents of different countries of the region in a single click. Select the country region, and start searching. Filter the results by date,
litigation area, geography, court, and more.

Litisnet Alerts: Receive alerts of activity in existing cases. Notifications of proceedings or documents being filed in cases of interest.  and:

  • Receive automatic updates of your case or complete portfolio.
  • Detect dead cases inmediately.
  • Be the first to know.


Litisnet Document Retrieval: if the case is not in our database, request a digital copy of the case online, and have it  delivered in days.

Conexiones Judiciales case management solution: A software as a service solution for corporate counsels and large law firms to manage, track and analyze litigation matters of Latin-America. This solution can help you understanding and making critical decisions of your portfolio.


  • You can control and audit your cases in an easy way.
  • You can also have a unique legal management system for your organization with all the cases updated.

Face the lack of control and take knowledge of your entire legal cases through Latin America.

 ¿How we do it?

Through the integration of premium information sources and technology, and physical presence in major Latin American Courthouses, we create a strong database to provide instant online access to Latin-American cases. We also digitalize new cases that are request. saves its clients time and money, and greatly enhances the overall transparency of the legal industry. Once digitalized, all case documents are classify so that legal professionals can easily access and track their portfolio from their personal computer. Our clients no longer have to send employees or Law firms to remote district courts to obtain updates. combines legal industry know-how, premium information resources, with IT expertise, to offer its clients a solution for their litigation problems in the region.

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One of Argentina’s largest insurance companies contracted services to regain control of its 20.000 distributed cases in more than 50 district courts of Latin America.

The problem

The client faced lack of control and knowledge of 20.000 legal cases throughout the region. 4,500 of these cases were concentrated in Buenos Aires, distributed in 18 different court districts, withan average distance in between them of 3 hours.

The solution: provides with a case management solution an immediate access to all trial information and court records of the region.

The result:

The company reduces 45 % of their litigation costs,and recovers 14 % average of each trial. Also the company achieves more transparency of their legal process.