Litigation Benchmark


Benchmarking it is a tool used by legal departments for measuring success and improving value delivery. Having the correct metrics enhances the ability to measure performance, and value output for the organization and the stakeholders. We created Litigation benchmarking where CLOs and legal departments can measure their legal performance and liability with their industry.

LITIGATION BENCHMARK recompiles all the litigation data from different companies on your industry, per country, and puts your litigation report into perspective. Divided by matters, years, and even lawyers you can track maximum and minimum litigation exposure over time, determine the trends on your company according to industry behavior, and establish the appropriate course of actions to reduce risks.

Get accurate numbers on your industry and establish your strategy for your company’s branch in Argentina, Brazil or Mexico. Get the right reports for each country and contrast your numbers with the leading industry of your business. litisnet_benchmar_1
Have effective and source independent metrics and track the number of claims, number of active matters, opened and closed in the year, the number of cases settled, and cycle time in a courthouse, among other reports. Measure milestone events of your portfolio with activity levels, the number of cases on trial, and number of trial days on each courthouse. litisnet_benchmar_2


Let LITIGATION BENCHMARK help you commit to the efficiency and effectiveness of deliver the right decisions to the stakeholders. Look for strategies to help contain costs and enhance performance. Tools like LITIGATION REPORTS AND BENCHMARK can help you monitor matters that are vital for achieving the company’s goals.