Despite globalization; foreign lawyers keep finding barriers to practice law

Despite globalization; foreign lawyers keep finding barriers to practice law

In today’s global economy, the practice barriers foreign lawyers’ face in Brazil, are becoming increasingly common for lawyers following clients and business opportunities around the world.U.S. and UK law firms face an increasingly competitive, and often protectionist, legal environment when they seek to extend their operations overseas. This environment also is raising new questions about how lawyers should be regulated outside their home jurisdictions.

Some countries, like Canada, allow lawyers from the United States and other jurisdictions to practice within their boundaries with relative ease. Recent changes in the regulatory structures for lawyers in the United Kingdom and Australia also have proved to be beneficial for lawyers from other countries. And some countries, including Singapore and Switzerland are actively seeking ways to make their court systems more inviting to foreign lawyers and their clients as a way to help build their economies.

But despite some countries intents; there are others like Brazil that has one of the most restricted policies toward foreign lawyers. They are allowed to advise their clients, as a registered foreign legal consultant; but under rules promulgated by Brazil’s national bar association, they are barred from giving clients any advice on Brazilian law, even though if they are familiarized with it.

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