About Us


About us:
Founded in 2004, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, two brothers were extremely frustrated to see how difficult it was for lawyers to have access to the courts records. Every day a very large line of people waits to be attended at the courtroom. The two brothers build an Internet company that allows online access to the cases. The company has grown steadily and the press wrote several articles about them.

In 2009, the company received the award “support for SME competitiveness” by the Buenos Aires Government and was recognized as the best website service in Argentina.

In 2010 starts operations in uruguay, Colombia and Peru.

in 2013 the company open offices in Brazil and start using the brand LITISNET as a global brand.


Contact information:

Office Headquarters

 Capital Federal – Argentina

 Tel.: +54 (11) 5353-0252
Office Brazil

 Sao Pablo – Brazil

 Tel.: +55 (11) 3230-1053
Office US

 Miami – United States

 Phone.: +1 (305) 468 4640