LegalTech 2015 Focus on Court Technology with

legatech3 will be launching LITISNET at Legal Tech next 3- 5 February, in Hilton Hotel in New York, Please visit booth #2108. 

Most of the Latin American case records are not published on court websites. is an on-line judicial information company that allows clients to access Latin-Americans court records, in digital form, the history and news of their trials. This can simplify case management and streamline your litigation workflow.” Says Walter Vodeb, CIO of the company.

Launching LITISNET:

The first Latin-American Litigation Network is an electronic access database that allows users to obtain case and docket information from Latin-American courts. With this solution, you can easily search for cases throughout Latin America, have access to the history of the file, and track any news allowing you to take control of your legal cases. This cost-effective solution saves legal departments and law firms, time and money. With LITISNET Case Locator, you may conduct searches to determine whether or not a party is involved in any litigation of the Region or get access to a specific case file file from most of Latin Americas countries.

During the exhibit will be showing the cases search engine machine that allows anyone to search for a case and will be promoting litigation reports for M&A in Latin America, at booth #2108.


About Latin America

Latin America has an estimated of 600 million habitants and more than 200 million cases distributed in 9800 different Courthouses in a 8,579,962 mi² area. Almost all Latin-American cases are written and offline. For those in the legal business, accessing and following case information can be a painstaking, costly and a inefficient process. In Latin America, professionals seeking to consult their cases must physically travel to district courts, only to face disorganized bureaucratic systems and long wait lines. solves this lack of transparency within the legal industry creating a USD32 billion estimated market business.



Founded in 2004, in Buenos Aires Argentina, two brothers were extremely frustrated to see how difficult it was for lawyers to have access to the courts records. Every day a very large line of people waits for attended at the courtroom. The two brothers build an Internet company that allows online access to court records. The company has grown steadily and the press wrote several articles about them. In 2009, the company received the award “support for SME competitiveness” by the Buenos Aires Government and recognized as the best website service in Argentina. Now they have offices in Sao Pablo, and a few countries of Latam, their Headquarters is in Buenos Aires.